How to Plan a 1-Minute Video

Here’s how to structure a 1-minute video…

I’ve figured out that about a minute is the perfect length of time for a short-form video. Especially when doing tutorials like I do, you need enough time to explain something. But you don’t want to go too deep, or people lose interest and move on.

To plan a 1-minute video, it starts with a script. I come up with a specific topic that I can cover in a minute. Then I script out what I’m going to say. Over time, I’ve figured out how much text should be about a minute.

There’s a visual element, but I also rely on character count. I copy the script and paste it into an online character counter. I’ve found that something around 1,000 characters should be about a minute long.

It’s not always exact since our cadence matters. Sometimes we say something slowly, and sometimes we breeze through it.

I know that over 1,200 characters, I’ll need to edit before recording. 1,000 characters may still take me over, but I’ll be close and it will be an easy edit.

That’s how I do it. How about you?

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