Social Media Consulting Services


You have a consistent social media presence, but you’re looking for expert guidance to help with a specific goal or task. 

This could include but is not limited to:

  • Wanting to improve engagement
  • Looking to increase your audience and buying followers
  • Setting up a consistent and automated social media schedule and plan
  • Building your social media strategy around a campaign or launch 

You’re implementing the work, but want to make sure you’re moving in the right direction and have a clear path to follow.

social media marketing consulting

My Social Media Consulting Services are perfect for you! I create a personalized action plan for your business after research and analysis.

Consults include:

  • An actionable, tailor-made plan specifically written for your specific business and the goals you want to reach
  • Two review rounds so the final plan is exactly what you had in mind and fits with you and your company.
  • An in-depth walk-through of the plan, so you understand exactly what we advise you to do.
  • A follow-up call 1 month after we delivered your plan to see how you are doing and if you need any further explanations of the plan.
  • A follow-up call 3 months after we delivered your plan to answer any last questions you may have.

The needs of every business are different, which means our consultancy services will be tailored to you. Be confident that your specific requirements will be catered for by our team of experts who have extensive experience with a vast range of businesses.

Contact us today outlining the support you’re looking for and one of our friendly team will call you back to get a deeper understanding of your brand and where you’re looking to take it.