Custom Events to Replace Link Clicks

These actions are way better than link clicks…

You may want to drive traffic to your website with ads, but your goal isn’t a sale or lead. The link click and landing page view aren’t good enough.

This is one benefit of custom events with Google Tag Manager.

One of the custom events I create uses a timer trigger. It fires when someone spends 1, 2, or 3 minutes on a page.

Another custom event I have uses a scroll depth trigger. It fires when someone scrolls at least halfway down a page.

These are two easy ways to measure engagement that are far more valuable than simply loading the page. I add columns for these events to my Ads Manager so that I can see how many of the landing page views result in longer visits and deep scrolls.

You can also optimize for these events instead of link clicks or landing page views when your goal is to drive quality traffic.

If you want, you can also target the people who perform these events to focus on reaching the most engaged visitors.

This is what I do!

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