Create a Custom Event for Quality Traffic

Here’s the best way to measure quality traffic with Meta advertising…

The home base for my business is my website, and the engine that makes it go is my blog. I write 100 blog posts per year, and sometimes more, teaching the most advanced strategies of Meta advertising.

My potential leads and customers are those who read my blog posts. They don’t just visit and click away, of course.

Since this deep engagement is important, I created a custom event that accurately reflects a quality visit. This helps me measure the impact of Meta advertising when my primary goal isn’t a lead or purchase.

Using Google Tag Manager, I created an event that only fires once you do three things:

• Spend at least three minutes on a page
• Scroll at least halfway down that page
• Click an internal link

I can then add a column to my Ads Manager to know how many of those who click my ads are deeply engaged. I can also optimize for this event instead of meaningless link clicks or landing page views.

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