Be Willing to Suck

“This is gonna suck, and that’s okay.”

It was one year ago today that I said this in a video on TikTok. It was my breakthrough moment.

That video did suck. But that was the whole point. I wasn’t trying to create something that sucked. I just knew that, no matter how much I tried, it was going to suck.

Embracing and accepting this was pivotal to moving forward in my commitment to short-form video.

For months, if not years, I resisted getting started. Like so many people, I was intimidated by the entire process. I didn’t know HOW to create a good video. The fear of embarrassment prevented every small attempt from happening.

When I committed to short-form video one year ago today, I embraced that the only way to create videos I’d be proud of was to first create a whole bunch of bad ones.

And that’s exactly what I did. I committed to the process. I resisted getting distracted by numbers or getting frustrated by slow progress.

Each video would get a little bit better. I’ve created close to 500 videos without fear, knowing that each time I hit PUBLISH was progress towards a goal.

I’m proud to say that my videos suck a whole lot less than they once did. Thanks so much for being a part of this journey! It’s been an AMAZING year.

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