5 AI tools every content marketing pro should use today

5 AI tools every content marketing pro should use today written by Editor read more at Duct Tape Marketing

The global market value of artificial intelligence (AI) in the marketing world is projected to reach over half a trillion dollars by 2024.

There is an AI tool out there for almost any marketing need, and the stat above proves that these tools will grow and develop to offer even more value to marketers and small business owners.

Using AI tools is just one way to help optimize your content marketing workflow. As you create your next piece of content, look at the tools shared here, and see what value they can bring to the table.

The more tools you plug into your workflow, the easier it will become to build great content, and deliver it in a timely manner.

What are AI marketing tools?

AI marketing tools are platforms or systems that mimic human intelligence and help marketers improve efficiency, accuracy, and automate parts of their job. There are numerous AI marketing tools on the market right now, and odds are, you probably already use a few of them.

Benefits of using AI tools for Marketing

AI Marketing tools can take a lot of the work out of doing marketing for a small business. They’re often scalable to the size of your business, and quite easy to use. They also reduce the amount of manual work needed, meaning less human error and more efficiency.

Best of all, AI marketing tools can cover every area of your small business marketing. As you’ll see in this article, there are AI tools for copywriting, design, social media, SEO content creation, decks, and much more.

Honestly, the biggest pain in using AI marketing tools for your business can be deciding the best to use.

Here are our 5 AI tools that every marketer can and probably should start using today. Check them out and see what works for your business:

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1. Writesonic

Screenshoot of the instant ai writing features of Writesonic

A market leader, Writesonic offers marketers the opportunity to use AI to create written content of any kind. It has you covered from creating SEO-optimized long-form posts to sales emails, Q&A, essays, product descriptions, reports, and even ebooks.

For blogs and SEO articles, simply enter a keyword or a topic, and it will give you AI-based options for your title, introduction, outline, and finally a well-written post in minutes.

Writesonic has a cloud-native, AI-powered system, that provides complete ownership of the AI-generated copy in your account, and integrates effortlessly with Semrush, WordPress, and other common marketing programs.

We use this tool at Duct Tape Marketing, and it has been a massive help to us with time-consuming tasks like topic research, crafting engaging long-form content, doing FAQs and Q&A pages, optimizing our SEO, and creating ad variations.

If you struggle to create written content but want to brighten up your online presence without spending much effort and time, then Writesonic might be helpful. With their generous 2,500 words free trial, it can help you build tons of relevant content in no time.

Disclose that DTM is a Writesonic affiliate: Disclosure: Duct Tape Marketing is a Writesonic affiliate and may receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post. Duct Tape Marketing would never endorse products or services it has not test or does not use.

2. Lately

screenshoot of Lately  platform for social media ai marketing tool

If you want the content of your social media to be created and tested efficiently, Lately is the perfect solution.

It employs a combination of your social media analytics, millions of data points from its own archives, and crowd testing to create organic social media content that your audience will love.

This allows your social media team to spend more time focusing on strategy, growth, or creating a better end-to-end experience for your clients online.

Try their 7-day free trial to create posts your followers will love and share.

3. Photosonic

ai marketing tools image generator

Need some inspiration for new creative designs, concepts, or projects? PhotoSonic lets you create realistic or artistic graphics from a text description, using a text-to-image AI model. Just type in a few keywords and the software will produce several relevant images for you to choose from.

This AI marketing tool also lets you modify existing images with text and filters, create images of any kind, and customize them with diverse attributes and details within seconds.

Photosonic offers a 15-credit free trial that helps you get an idea of how AI Image generators can boost your marketing.


example of jasper ai tool writing a podcast description

With all of its combined features, Jasper is an effective AI Marketing tool that can help marketing teams break creative blocks to create amazing, authentic content faster.

Jasper has a Chrome extension that lets you create content directly on social media platforms. It also helps marketers write viral YouTube and TikTok video scripts, craft LinkedIn articles, Instagram captions, website copy, and write emails.

Jasper and Writesonic are built on the same AI technology, both have good customer support and can help marketing teams to create content more efficiently. However, Jasper doesn’t offer a free plan and is more focused on writing short-form content like ads and product descriptions.

5. Grammarly

example of how Grammarly ai system works

If you create written content, then you have to check out Grammarly. This AI tool helps writers with grammar, spelling, and tone mistakes. Grammarly also offers a Chrome extension and smoothly integrates with commonly used tools like Slack, Gmail, GoogleDocs, WordPress, CRMs, and others.

Grammarly’s AI system processes reams of natural human language, a component of AI that involves teaching machines to understand human language. This method allows Grammarly to do sentiment analysis, score your writing, make styling decisions, and more.

There is a free versions and which corrects spelling, grammar, and tone mistakes in your writing.

How to start using AI Marketing tools for your business

Choosing the right AI marketing tools can often feel overwhelming. There are often so many services and each with their own unique features.

To get yourself through the process and find the best AI tools for your business, think about these 3 simple tips;

  1. Nobody knows your business more than you do, so really think about where an AI tool might benefit your workflow. Is your content creation process slow? Are you disappointed with your social media efforts? Identifying your needs will help you target the right AI tool for your marketing.
  2. Test all the AI tools you’re considering. Most of the above-mentioned offer free trials, so take advantage of these. Make sure you like using them, and that implementing them will be as easy as possible.
  3. Does the tool save time and drive growth? If you do your research and test the product, you’ll know if it helps you or not. Don’t add too many tools and keep it simple.

Essential Workbooks for Small Business Marketing Strategy

rethinking customer journey workbook

You’ve hopefully come away with some new insights about AI marketing tools, the benefits of AI tools for marketing, and how to choose the right one.

Now, you’re ready to get out there and find the right tools for your business.