You Have Time to Create Videos

I don’t have time! It’s the typical excuse for not publishing videos…

Get outta here with that nonsense.

I’ve published at least one video every day this year. Each video takes an hour, start to finish (scripting, recording, editing, scheduling, everything). I also write two blog posts every week. I hold one-on-one sessions to help clients. I host a weekly strategy session and webinar. And everything else involved with running a business.

I don’t need to spend an hour on each video, but I do. You could easily hit record and publish without editing. So, account for 10-15 minutes max just to come up with the idea.

Your problem isn’t time. There is always time.

You just won’t prioritize it. It’s an excuse because you don’t believe it will help you. You don’t know what to talk about. Or you are worried what you’ll look like. Or you know deep down that you’ll fail. Address these issues first.

You can actually do this. You need a plan first. You need to commit to it. You need to believe in it. And once you do, you’ll make time.

Now replace videos with anything else you aren’t doing that you should be. Maybe it’s blogging or a podcast or LIVING YOUR LIFE.

You have time. Make time.

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