Page Posts Bug

Is this a bug?

One strategy for leveraging high-performing ads is to publish them organically to your news feed. When they’re published, they’ll already have that social proof.

But I’m noticing a problem…

I created a link ad with a static image. When I went to Page Posts to publish this ad, it wasn’t on the list. Why?

After some digging, I realized a trend. All of the ad posts that appeared were videos. Some were static link posts that were converted to videos for a placement.

I did not convert the static link post that I was looking for to a video. Because of that, it doesn’t appear on this list and I can’t publish it to my news feed.

Why would Meta only display ad posts that are videos? I have no idea if this is an intentional change, but I can’t think of a logical reason why Meta would do this.

I’ve decided that it’s a likely bug, but hopefully one that will be fixed soon.

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