How to Scale Up Your Content Creation (Without Sacrificing Quality)

Creating content for your website is a rewarding process. A labor of love, if you will. The more you do it, the better you get, and the more customer traffic you get.

While your business grows with your hard work, you will need to expand every aspect of your operation to continue smashing through your ceiling. Eventually, you’ll have to widen your content creation efforts and scale up your once small operation into a larger facet of your content marketing efforts. says:

Content marketing costs 62% less and generates approximately three times the volume of leads and 80% of executives and business owners prefer to receive information about a company through articles rather than advertisements.

Those are big numbers that cannot be ignored when considering the future of your digital marketing strategy. So – how to scale up your content creation? Here’s a quick video from to get your feet wet:

Quick Takeaways:

  • Scaling up your content creation is easily botched without a plan
  • Creating systems and processes for your team to adhere to creates consistency in your content
  • Repackaging old content is key to keeping your publishing quotas

Here are some of the best tips for scaling up your content creation for your growing business (without sacrificing the quality):

Hire the right people

Content creation is difficult. Pumping out ideas and information in an engaging way is a learned skill that takes time to develop. If you want to scale up your content creation correctly, you need to hire blog article writers.

Writing blog articles can take over 15 hours a week. Using either freelancers or contractors to create your content accomplishes two things.

First, you’re buying expertise. Seek out writers who have either written for marketing or have experience in improving SEO with content writing from other fields. Many experienced content writers already know the formula for writing the perfect blog post.

Second, you’re buying the manpower. Making sure you can find writers that can work as a team is crucial to your content scaling success. The more team-oriented, the better!

Here are some specific things to look for when searching for your next content writer:

  • Great track record
  • Portfolio of past work
  • SEO Experience
  • Deadline-driven

If you can find someone that satisfies these requirements, hand them a W-2 and get crackin’!

Establish a workflow for content production

So now you’ve got your writers, and hopefully along the way they either grew in the company or you picked up some excellent marketing managers. The next step is organization.

What’s the saying? Trust the process.

That’s all well and good – but to trust the process you have to build the process from the ground up.

Source: Gathercontent

Let’s start with the basics. There needs to be someone planning the content. This is usually done with you and your marketing manager, brainstorming ideas for the site.

After the content is planned and scheduled, your writers will produce the content. This writing will be done with standard SEO writing practices in mind and grab the attention of your prospective clients.

The completed content should then be overseen by your marketing manager again – making edits and storing the finished pieces to be scheduled out (like onto a content calendar!). Then the fun part, publishing the content!

If you haven’t been already, you should be publishing your content across all of your social media channels in your brand voice to give your traffic that extra boost.

In the end of the process, the marketing manager should be measuring what’s doing well and what could use some improvement. Having this steady flow keeps things simple and efficient, leaving more time to worry about the numbers and less time worrying about the logistics.

Reuse & recycle high-performing content

We didn’t forget about all that hard work you’ve already put in! Your best performing articles don’t need to sit on your website rotting to the webpages of time.

Articles that once brought in great traffic eventually fall out of touch with the ever changing world of search engine optimization. Not to mention, the actual content can become irrelevant to today’s world. says:

Marketers can turn an article into a video, or an infographic – or the opposite in each case as well. They can reuse tips in an article by breaking them down into a series of posts or Stories frames, or they might post soundbites from a podcast direct to their social channels.

Having your writers restructure your content into different forms can be the gift that keeps on giving. Even a quick freshening up of an old article from a few years ago with modern information can be the makeover your content needs to be back on top of the page!

This practice can extend your content’s lifespan and in turn your content marketing ROI (or ROMI).

Be willing to adapt

This one is easier said than done. Scaling up a part of your marketing strategy this big isn’t exactly an easy task. It will take time and restructuring as you continue the process.

Just don’t forget, this is why you’ve set up an efficient system to analyze and measure the results of your content marketing campaign. Not to mention there’s tons of digital marketing tools to assist you in the process.

Using measurement tools like Google Analytics, Hootsuite, and SEMrush can help identify where your content is thriving and where it needs some change. Remember, if your content marketing mission statement is to provide quality content, the traffic will come!

Wrap up

A successful scale up really comes down to one thing – how well you’ve planned for it. If you’ve done the steps above, chances are you’re as prepared as you can be!

If you’re in a pinch or don’t want to use your resources on an internal team, you can always outsource your content to marketing consultants that know what they’re doing.

Hiring quality blog writers by partnering with a group is a safe strategy to widen your content marketing efforts. A consultancy gives you access to resources and knowledge that you cannot always get from hiring solo experienced writers.

Regardless of which way you go, your content must scale with your business! Now it’s on you to put the pieces into place – get to planning!

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