How AI Makes Any Marketing Task More Productive

Artificial Intelligence is perceived as a threat to many jobs. The good news is that, when it comes to digital marketing, it can actually advance your career by performing tedious tasks and letting you focus on more creative tactics.

Here’s how AI technology can make just about any marketing task more productive:

1. Brand Identity

Artificial Intelligence can help you at the very first step of your digital marketing, i.e. setting up your brand identity. You can use AI to come up with a catchy brand name and even get some help creating your logo.

Namify is an AI-powered tool that can help you with both of these steps. Just type your main keyword and it will use its AI-driven algorithm to generate possible brand names for you. For any name you pick, it will generate free logos, check social media username availability, and even run a trademark availability check:

Generate logo on Namify

There are also quite a few AI logo generators that can help here. is one example that offers a free AI-driven logo creator that generates your logo for free. All you need is:

  • Provide your business name
  • Type your slogan (if you have one)
  • Type your main keyword
  • Select your preferred color scheme or choose your main color

The results will feature all kinds of available color combinations and fonts. You can edit any of those. When editing, you can customize the colors, change or add an icon, add or remove your slogan, edit the layout, and select the background. example

Once your logo is creative, you can use these mockups to make sure it looks good anywhere you put it, including business cards and conference swag.

2. Content Ideation

ChatGPT is a great tool for brainstorming. If you publish a lot of content, it will never let you feel stuck.

If you ask ChatGPT for content ideas, chances are, it will come up with a pretty generic list. But if you keep asking for more specific ideas, you can come across some great ideas.

  • Ask it to be more creative and think outside of the box
  • Create a more specific prompt asking for a particular format (e.g. listicle, survey, whitepaper, etc.)
  • Prompt it to target a particular persona or stage in the sales funnel (e.g. “Generate content ideas for the very top of the funnel, i.e. introducing my target audience to the concept”)
  • Ask it to brainstorm follow-up article ideas for your existing content

3. Textual Content Creation

While creative and expertise-driven content should be left to human beings, AI can help you create generic copy, including:

  • Press releases
  • Product descriptions (based on existing specifications)
  • FAQs, etc.

There are quite a few tools that can make generic content creation easier and more productive. Text Optimizer offers AI integration allowing you to quickly generate a semantically optimized answer to any question:

  • Click “Start optimizing” and choose Google
  • Pick “AI writes new text for you”
  • Type your keyword
  • Choose your question (or type your own)
  • Give it a few seconds to generate your answer

The generated copy will include related concepts (in bold) and more recommendations on how you can semantically optimize it even better:

Text Optimizer AI integration

Quite a few Shopify apps also help you create descriptive product descriptions. Lexicon (starts at $10/month with a free limited option available) offers a bulk option for creating product descriptions. 

It also has the option to generate blog posts that automatically include in-content links to product pages. While I am not a fan of automatically generated creative content, I liked the idea of contextual interlinking, so if you edit those blog posts to add high-quality editorial content, that feature may turn out to be useful.


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4. Visual Content Creation

Creating effective visuals used to be a very challenging task. Now, with AI, it has become a breeze. All you need is to know which tools to use!

Photoleap by Lightricks is one of those tools to use. It comes with some awesome AI features, including a text-to-image creator and AI scenes. Both tools allow you to create original social media images that are sure to catch your audience’s attention.

The best thing is, Photoleap requires no graphic design knowledge or training to use. Simply install an app and start creating in seconds.

Photoleap by Lightricks is another cool tool to use offering an AI-driven chatbot functionality called DesignerBot that designs slides quickly, helps brainstorm ideas, and generates images. All you have to do is describe your presentation and watch DesignerBot generate unique decks for you. 


It will include auto-generated images and graphs which you can edit and use:

5. PPC ads

Writing PPC ads has always been a huge pain for me personally because I am simply unable to sound salesy enough. My workaround was outsourcing this step but it always makes everything slower.

AI makes this process quicker: It can generate dozens of PPC copies for you to choose from. Simply prompt ChatGPT to create PPC ads based on your keyword and then refine your prompt if you need some particular angles:

Writing PPC ads with ChatGPT

6. Emails, Follow-ups, and Social Media Replies

Writing emails and follow-ups as well as replying to social media messages and online reviews are marketing tasks that can require lots of time. And it is difficult to outsource as you put your brand behind every message.

AI makes writing those messages much easier. Simply ask ChatGPT to create an outreach email and specify your style. You may need some edits here and there, but it is much easier than writing each email from scratch.

There are also quite a few browser extensions allowing you to quickly compose a “Thank you” message to a social media mention. Let’s face it: There are a limited number of ways of saying “Thank you” and repetitive messages may look spammy. Well, AI can come up with an original message every time!

This free Google Chrome extension runs ChatGPT prompts for you anywhere, including Gmail and social media. You need to be logged in to ChatGPT in the same browser for it to work. Once the extension is installed, type /gpt followed by your prompt. Next push “Enter:” 

Google Chrome extension runs ChatGPT

You can edit and post.

When it comes to customer support, AI can also make it more productive. You can let your customer support team use ChatGPT to quickly write emails and social media replies. You can also use AI-driven technology to scale phone support by using IVR technology which answers your phone, helps your customers, and guides them to an available team member for further help.

7. Data Security

Lastly, AI tools can run behind the scenes making your marketing better informed and more secure. As marketers, we are dealing with lots of private information, so keeping it secure should be a priority. AI is already disrupting cybersecurity. Tools like Aura from entrepreneur Hari Ravichandran can recognize patterns and perform proactive actions to keep your data safe. 

Artificial intelligence has introduced quite a few new opportunities for digital marketers.

With all the innovative tools and technology out there, you can rely on AI for taking care of the most boring and repetitive tasks and focus on what you love about digital marketing, i.e. being creative!

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