B2B Marketing News: Collaboration’s Rising Importance In Marketing, LinkedIn’s New Remote Work Data, & TikTok Expands Social Publishing Tools

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LinkedIn Shares New Insights into the Rise of Remote Job Postings [Infographic] Microsoft-owned LinkedIn has released new remote job posting data showing that the technology, information, and media industry tops the list of sectors with the largest share of remoteRead More

Meta Needs Frequency Capping for More Optimization Options

One of the issues advertisers struggle with most is controlling the frequency of ads shown. At some point, you’re just wasting money showing the same ads to the same people. There is no ideal frequency that is best for everyRead More

Lead Filtering, Gated Content, and Creative Flexibility Coming to Facebook Lead Forms

Meta recently announced several new features and enhancements that are coming to lead ads and messaging. I wrote about Marketing Messages from Meta Business Suite yesterday. Today, let’s cover the new features related to lead ads. Admittedly, Meta doesn’t provideRead More

New Feature: Marketing Messages from Meta Business Suite

Meta announced a bunch of new features recently related to messaging and lead generation. One that got my attention was the ability to send marketing messages to people who opt-in via Messenger in Meta Business Suite. This could be reallyRead More

2 Ways to Create A/B Split Tests of Organic Content on Facebook

A/B split tests are helpful for uncovering the most effective posts or ads in a scientific way. Did you know that you can do this with organic content? You’re probably familiar with A/B split tests for Facebook ads. This processRead More

Video Breakdowns Provide Important Context for Facebook Ads Actions

Performance measurement of Facebook video ads is challenging, primarily due to the way video ads work. But, video breakdowns provide important context for the performance of these ads. Let’s talk about the issues with video ads and how you canRead More

5 New Marketing Books Every B2B Marketer Should Read

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Looking for inspiration and new insight to forge new B2B marketing successes as we drive ahead to 2023? We’re taking a look at five forthcoming or recently-published books that offer an array of fascinating tactics, tips, case studies, and otherRead More

Success Metrics for Facebook Instant Experience Ads

If you run Instant Experience ads, how do you measure success? Facebook has added metrics that may prove helpful. In this post, I’ll help you find those metrics and understand what they all mean. Let’s go… Access the Metrics You’llRead More

Customer Hub and Drafts: How to Share Facebook Ad Mockups with Clients

If you manage ads for clients, you may need to get approval prior to the ads going live. How do you create and share these mockups? There are two primary ways that I recommend. What you use depends on yourRead More

Addressing the Reactions to the Shutdown of Facebook Podcasts

Yesterday, a weird thing happened. A post that I wrote on LinkedIn about Meta pulling the plug on Facebook Podcasts was picked up by LinkedIn News. The result was a whole bunch of comments. Look, I get there’s a weirdRead More