Big Update to Facebook Ads Lead Forms

Meta has started rolling out a big update to lead forms for Facebook ads. Advertisers will have the ability to tell a story by displaying benefits, product imagery, testimonials, and more.

This is the most significant update to Facebook lead ads in years. Let’s go through what is new (see “Final Product”).

I include a video near the bottom that walks through what this looks like when you’re done.

Form Type

When you create a lead form, you will know that you have this update if you have the “Custom” form type.

Facebook Lead Form

If you don’t see it, you don’t have it. Get in line, I guess.


Once you select the Custom form type, the big changes will be found within the Intro section.

You’ll first need to provide a 1200×1750 image and a headline (no more than 38 characters).

Facebook Lead Form Intro

Once you upload the image, the form will automatically extract a color scheme. You can’t manually change that scheme, so it will depend on the colors found in the image.

Facebook Lead Form Intro

Truthfully, this could be the only way that you use this update and you’d see improvements. The color scheme, for example, will apply to buttons, text, and the form generally throughout.

Next, provide the overview and benefits related to this form…

Facebook Lead Form Intro

Build Your Story

You have the option of adding up to four other sections.

Facebook Lead Form Build Your Story

Keep in mind that you will need to turn on at least one of these. That’s somewhat unfortunate since you may not have a need for these sections and may just want to turn on the color scheme.

But, you should be able to find a creative way to use one of these. If you had to choose one, the Incentive section is a good place to start.

How it Works

This is the first section you can optionally turn on.

Facebook Lead Form How it Works

Know that for each of these sections, you will have options for the header. Instead of “How It Works,” for example…

Facebook Lead Form How it Works

The purpose of this section could be drastically different depending on the header you select. But, you can add multiple steps of text that all include a title and description.


Next, you can highlight your products…

Facebook Lead Form Products

Or it could be your services, courses, and other things…

Facebook Lead Form Products

Regardless, you can provide a 1200×803 image, title, description, and up to three benefits for each item, and it’ll be displayed as a carousel.

Social Proof

This section highlights what people are saying about your business.

Other options for the section header…

Facebook Lead Form Social Proof

Visually, this is a lot like the Products section. You’ll have an image carousel showcasing what each source is saying.


Finally, what should motivate someone to complete this form?

Facebook Lead Form Incentives

Provide whatever incentives you can here. This is all textual, and there aren’t any options for the header.

Final Product

Here is what this section of the form looks like when you’re all done…

Who is This For?

These updates are ideally for a situation where a lead is someone expressing interest in a product. For example, complete this form if you’re interested in buying a car, house, or signing up for a bathroom remodel. The updates allow you to showcase more about your company and products to incentivize the lead.

This may not be ideal for a generic lead that is in exchange for some freebie like an ebook or webinar registration. You could still find ways to make that work, of course.

Watch Video

I also recorded a video about these updates. You can watch it here…

@jonloomer Big updates for Facebook lead ads forms. #facebookads ♬ Old School Hip-Hop – TineSide

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Your Turn

What do you think of these updates? Will you use them?

Let me know in the comments below!

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