B2B Marketing News: B2B Content Amplification, Brand Perception & Trust Study, B2B Metaverse Use Cases, & Instagram’s New Reels Topics

2022 September 9 Converge Chart

2022 September 9 Converge Chart

The Biggest Milestones in B2B Social Media History [Infographic]
From LinkedIn’s launch in 2003 and the eventual entrance of Facebook and Twitter on the scene in subsequent years to TikTok and others, a newly-released infographic takes a brief look at the history and milestones of B2B social media. MarketingProfs

This is the B2B century, and marketers will be the ones to lead it
With some 72 percent of U.S. businesses now primarily B2B, and B2B sales topping $9 trillion annually, The B2B Institute — LinkedIn’s think tank — takes a look at the next 100 years of marketing and how B2B looks to have an increasingly bright future. Marketing Week

Top 3 marketing use cases for the B2B metaverse
Professional business events, ongoing training, and virtual networking were seen as being among the key ways that B2B marketers have begun to utilize the developing metaverse, with offerings such as Microsoft Mesh and TouchCast adding to the mix, and MarTech recently took a look at top B2B metaverse use cases. MarTech

[bctt tweet=”“B2B marketers can no longer dismiss virtual worlds and immersive technology as tactics solely dedicated to consumer campaigns.” — Lisa Peyton @AvarieParker” username=”toprank”]

How Can Influencers Become More Valuable to Brands? [Survey]
79 percent of influencers have said that they seek long-term collaborative brand relationships, while 59 percent of marketers have pointed to greater interest and purchase intent, with 85 percent of influencers seeing higher levels of trust and authenticity as a key strength — three of several findings of interest to B2B marketers contained in newly-released influencer survey data. MarketingCharts

LinkedIn Shares New Data on the Most In-Demand Skills, New Notifications of Opportunities in Your Network
Marketing, communication, and social media were among the current array of the top 20 most in-demand professional business skills, LinkedIn (client) data has shown, as the Microsoft-owned social platform has offered a selection of free related online learning courses through the month of September, LinkedIn recently announced. Social Media Today

Google Provides Examples Of How To Improve Your Meta Descriptions
Search giant Google has augmented its guidance relating to writing HTML meta descriptions, including five new examples of what to do and what to avoid when creating digital content meta descriptions, Google recently announced. SEO Roundtable

2022 September 9 Statistics Image

Instagram tests new features to give users more control over suggested posts
Meta-owned Instagram users can now easily designate multiple posts as not relevant in a new feature undergoing testing, aimed at an improved and more relevant content experience on the platform, with additional keyword and emoji filtering options in the works, Instagram announced recently. TechCrunch

How Misleading Content Impacts Brand Perception, Favorability And Trust: IAS Report
65 percent of consumers have indicated that they are likely to stop buying from brands that advertise online next to misinformation, with 51 percent having said that brand ads adjacent to misinformation influences the amount of trust they place in a brand — two of several statistics of interest to B2B marketers contained in newly-released report findings. MediaPost

Instagram Tests New ‘Add Topics’ Option in the Reels Upload Process
Another of Instagram’s newest tests brings marketers the ability to organize video Reels content into topical categories, with an eye towards expanding reach to audiences that share common interests, as the social platform looks to refine the way it recommends Reels posts, Instagram recently announced. Social Media Today

B2B Content Amplification Trends: Top Channels and Content Types
78.6 percent of B2B content marketers have indicated that they amplify blog post content, with 54 percent pointing to social media, 42 percent video content, 35 percent case studies, and 32 percent white papers, according to newly-released content amplification report data of interest to B2B marketers. MarketingProfs


2022 September 9 Marketoonist Comic Image

A lighthearted look at the “Lifecycle of Social Media” by Marketoonist Tom Fishburne — Marketoonist

Millennial Celebrates Labor Day by Only Having to Work 3 Out of Her 5 Jobs — The Hard Times


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