8 Ways Content Experience Drives Revenue Growth

marketing insider group shares 8 ways content experience drives revenue growth

Your website’s content experience drives revenue growth – if it’s full of high quality content. Consistently sharing blog posts and videos may seem like a straightforward task, but it actually takes a lot of strategic planning. In fact, 65% of professional marketers agree that it’s difficult to consistently create engaging content.

But there’s a trick to creating a content experience that promotes revenue growth: develop a content marketing strategy tailored to satisfy the needs of your target audience. Keep your customers engaged by using proven marketing tools, resources and techniques that also promote growth in revenue.

Quick Takeaways 

  • 79% of content marketing specialists agree that high quality content reinforces the retention of brand messaging
  • Thought leadership demonstrates value and expertise, increasing the likelihood of conversion
  • 64% of the most successful B2B marketing professionals have a documented content marketing strategy in place 
  • B2B companies that blogged more than 11 times per month saw almost 3x more traffic than those blogging once per month 

Start converting leads into customers. Create a content marketing strategy that embodies these 8 ways content experience drives revenue growth.

The Importance of Your Content Marketing Strategy

Using content to promote your business calls for one of the most powerful marketing tools: a content marketing strategy. Did you know that 65% of the most successful B2B marketing professionals have a documented content marketing strategy in place?

image shows tips from successful content marketers

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Establishing a strategic plan behind your content creation emphasizes the “why” of your content, and helps:

  • Improve marketing results
  • Increase ROI
  • Reach your audience
  • Simplify content creation
  • Establish consistency
  • Enhance branding

Most importantly, a quality content marketing strategy enhances your company’s content experience, ultimately driving revenue growth. It increases brand awareness through the delivery of high quality content and strategically guides your business’s marketing efforts towards success.

8 Ways Content Experience Drives Revenue Growth

Prioritizing your business’s delivery of high quality content pays off. Here’s 8 ways an intentional content experience drives revenue growth.

Establishes Thought Leadership

Thought leadership refers to the delivery of authentic, genuine content with the goal of sharing wisdom with readers. Establishing thought leadership through content is one of the best ways to demonstrate irreplaceable value to your target audience.

bar graph shows the most popular types of thought leadership content

Image Source: Survey Monkey

When your audience finds value in your business, they’re more likely to be influenced to make a purchase with your business. Thought leadership proves your company as an industry leader and earns the attention of potential buyers, ultimately offering a content experience that drives revenue growth.

Creates Brand Awareness

Before you can convert leads, your audience needs to know your brand exists. Enhancing your content experience is one of the best ways to increase brand awareness.

With the help of social media, blog posts and other marketing channels, you can organically promote your business’s offerings and create repeated brand exposure. Doing so will generate more traffic, leads and conversions.

Attracts Site Traffic

Content-rich websites attract more traffic and work hard towards driving revenue and achieving company goals. The key to driving revenue with traffic is to create content that addresses the challenges and questions of your target audience.

One of the best channels for answering the questions and concerns of customers is your company blog. B2B companies that blogged more than 11 times per month saw almost 3x more traffic than those blogging once per month.

image shows that B2B company blogs with 11+ posts per month saw 3x more traffic than blogs with 1 post per month

Image Source: Web Journey

Educating both existing and potential consumers offers a quality content experience and encourages return business. Satisfied customers will be more likely to consider your business in the future when they’re in need of your products and services.

When outlining your content marketing strategy, focus on creating content that addresses the needs of your target audience. Doing so will encourage both sharing on social media and an increase in traffic and revenue.

Encourages Conversion

A quality content experience generates more newsletter subscribers, downloads of free offerings, sales inquiries, and more – all of which lead to growth in revenue. Share content that answers specific questions and encourage site visitors to engage with your business with a CTA, or call-to-action.

CTAs are concise statements that prompt your audience to “Sign Up Today” or “Read More Now”. Including CTAs in your content is the best way to guide your audience to take natural next steps towards converting.

Generates More Leads

Content marketing is well-known as one of the most cost-effective methods for increasing lead generation. Creating a valuable content experience keeps your potential audience coming back, eventually converting them into leads.

Offer free downloads of relevant materials, such as Ebooks, in exchange for the email of potential customers. Promote free materials via blog posts or videos and include a call to action to encourage readers to redeem their free offering.

Screenshot of MIG’s offer for free downloadable materials in exchange for email

Doing so will keep prospects organically engaged with your business, significantly increasing the chances of them converting in the future.

Demonstrates Expertise

When the market is competitive, it’s important to demonstrate expertise and establish authority through your content experience. To drive revenue growth with established authority, create a content experience that:

  • Answers your audience’s questions
  • Offers valuable insight
  • Highlights proof of success
  • Shares some of your secrets
  • Associates your business with other authoritative brands

Doing so will help you stand out among the competition and guide buyers towards making the decision to work with your business. To learn more about establishing expertise and brand authority, enjoy the short video below.

Video Source: Infidigit


An engaging content experience has major benefits for SEO. The more content you have, the more likely it is that your audience will find you on SERPs.

Before posting content, first make sure your website is well-structured and optimized to rank for keywords. Include low-difficulty, long tail keywords in your content that are tailored to the needs and interests of your target audience.

Remember, creating useful, high-quality content is key. In fact, 72% of marketers say that sharing relevant content is the most effective SEO tactic.

bar graph shows that relevant content creation is the most effective SEO tactic

Image Source: Ascend2

Deliver company blog posts, videos and other materials to help gradually build your business’s SEO and earn higher rankings.

Boosts Engagement

A quality content experience keeps prospects interested and builds engagement. With the right mix of consistency, creativity and collaboration, you can use content to ensure your audience is interacting and engaging with your brand.

Some of the most popular and effective ways boost engagement with content are:

  • GIFs
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Interactive content

Requesting for prospects to like, comment and share your posts is also a great way to keep them engaged. Creating content around topics your audience is excited to interact with will boost your engagement and ultimately generate more leads and conversions.

Drive Revenue With Content Today

Now that you understand how your content experience drives revenue growth, you’re ready to prioritize your business’s delivery of high quality content.

Get started today and start sharing content consistently with the help of Marketing Insider Group. Check out our weekly blog content service now or schedule a free consultation today!

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