5 Real Estate Agent Digital Marketing Tips

The real estate industry is extremely competitive, and you have to be creative and forward-thinking to keep your company ahead of the curve. Enter: Digital Marketing.

For many, competitiveness attracts them to the industry. They thrive on the challenge it presents and on finding the best ways to promote their business.

According to Invideo, more than 93% of home buyers used an online resource to search for a new home. Utilizing your digital marketing is to your success.

Here’s some real estate digital marketing tips and tricks that will take your company to the next level:

5 Real Estate Agent Digital Marketing Tips

1. Harness the Power of Social Media

Source: TipRank

In the United States alone, roughly 223 million (82% of Americans) have at least one, if not more social media accounts. This is driving more and more companies to take advantage of various social media platforms to network across them.


You can start your digital marketing campaign on Facebook with its’ over 1.47 billion active users. Set up your business page and utilize Facebook Insights to get a good understanding of your page’s fans.

This will allow you to target your messages precisely to meet your consumers and prospects needs and desires.

For example, if you’re selling homes in a family-oriented community, you can target your ads for young people who are searching by location.

Consider taking advantage of paid advertising on these platforms. Content marketing is everything, and paying for your content to appear in your target audience’s feeds is as direct as you can get. This will allow you to quickly promote your business and increase your reach to people who have similar interests or are members of the same demographic.


Pictures sell, and this rings true for the real estate industry. People want to see photos of the property they’re interested in to help determine if it’s going to be a good match.

This lends opportunities for walkthroughs, open houses, agent showcases, listings, and more.

With over one billion active users, there are bound to be prospects in your area of service. Even if they aren’t in the market just yet, getting your name in front of their eyes beforehand is an edge on the competition.

Building a brand voice and a community within your platform will create a stronger relationship with customers and prospects.


YouTube is another popular platform with high upside for real estate dealers. With over 2.24 billion users in countries all over the world. YouTube’s reach is enormous.

As opposed to Instagram, YouTube’s model allows for more in-depth, informative videos on your listings. This allows you to give as much info as possible to the prospects closest to converting.

Sharing testimonials is a great way to provide the human element of marketing. Asking previously satisfied customers for a review to publish on your site provides credibility to your company.

Testimonials are also a great way to showcase the hard work of your agents, providing a way for prospects to find their best fit.

Reviews are easy to fake, but the emotions that can come with these videos are genuine. This is a powerful tool that will give your subscribers real insight into why they should choose your company over your competitors.

2.  Use Local Images and Videos on Social Sharing

When you network, it’s important to include local images or videos in your digital marketing campaign. Many companies forget this vital aspect, and they share just text.

Images and videos are important. They increase your current and prospective customer’s engagement levels with your company. Not to mention, showing your work in your target community provides legitimacy to your brand.

Social platforms make it easy for companies to incorporate these key elements into all of their posts. Pro-tip, make sure your posts are public so your followers can share it with their followers too!

3. Create a Virtual Tour

Source: Kuula Blog

Is your company involved in community activities? Have you created a unique culture inside your business that you want to show? Perhaps your business has a pet or a beloved mascot that your customers rave about.

Create a virtual tour of your business for your website! If you don’t want to make it a long tour, break it up into several smaller segments and follow a different agent around once a month.

Videos and virtual tours that showcase the day-to-day operations and culture of your business will engage your customers and provide a quick-look into their future business.

People will be more likely to reach out and want to work with a company that they trust. An insider view generates a real feeling.

4. Use LinkedIn to Make Your Mark

Source: Vecteezy

LinkedIn has 830 million users. It’s a place where industry professionals can gather and network. It’s an excellent opportunity for your business to establish its professional reputation in an online format.

LinkedIn also gains your businesses exposure to investors, business owners, and banks in your immediate area – providing chances at partnerships beyond your residential clients!

Many potential clients ask for recommendations from the bank they’re getting a mortgage through, a real estate company, or an agent. You can get your company or agents involved in discussion posts, blogging, or direct messaging.

Instagram and Facebook are a bit more on the business-casual side. LinkedIn is where you can flex your professional muscles, casting a net to other businesses and higher-end clients you might not have reached.

5. Add Valuable Real Estate Blog Content to Your Site

Blogging is everything! Blogs offer valuable industry insight for your clients and get you natural web traffic on your website.

(Quick look: How to Turn Your Blog into a Lead Generating Machine)

Digital advertising is important, but long-term yield from quality content on your website can be an even more important tool.

You want your blog to show your company’s expertise. Optimizing your content for high SEO/SEM rankings to your prospective customers will lead them right to you.

Coming up with new ideas can be difficult, so try to put yourself in the shoes of a prospective homeowner. Keywords and topics like moving, home owner, mortgage, will bring them to your site during their research.

What would YOU want to know when purchasing a house? This will give you a platform to build your blog content.

Make sure to research what your competition is doing too. A quick google search will tell you what’s ranking highest in your industry. Look at what they’re doing right, and do it better.

These marketing tips for real estate agents will help you boost your company’s level of customer engagement and keep you ahead of the curve in your local real estate market.

With time, effort, and patience, you will start seeing positive impacts throughout your business.

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