10 Examples of Awesome Landing Pages that Convert

To lead more users to your products, you need to create a showstopping landing page. To do this, you’ll need to consider your audience, your call-to-action, the product or service, and your niche.

Beautifully crafted landing pages focus on giving potential clients the down low on your product quickly. If you can marry this with visually appealing graphics, a clean and organized template, and social proof, then you are well on your way to creating landing pages that convert.

Formstack.com says

Learning to put together a high-converting landing page is no easy feat. Subtle changes in design, layout, or copy could mean the difference between coveted clicks or the dreaded “back” button.

Dreaded is right. Keeping users on your site is the no. 1 goal when crafting your landing page.

Here’s a quick video from Flux Academy talking about what makes a good landing page:

Quick Takeaways:

  • A good landing page will grab the attention of prospects and clients alike, driving up your conversion rate
  • Landing pages need a healthy mix of aesthetic appeal and informative content to get people viewing your content
  • There are tons of online resources designed to make landing page design easier

Here are a few samples of landing pages that just plain work:

  1. Unbounce

Unbounce is the top example of an excellent landing page because it has all of the required elements—from the catchy headline to the simple CTA copy and visually appealing screenshots. These guys make a living from designing landing pages so we can expect their pages to be nothing short of brilliant.

The overall design of Unbounce’s landing page banks on SEO, and there is enough content to keep readers engaged with the site before they complete the next action. On the other hand, the details do not distract visitors at all because they’re all below the fold and only evident upon scrolling.

  1. Wistia

Wistia’s smart contrast of blue and white is visually stimulating. Added to that is the sign-up form, which visitors see the moment the page opens. The form for creating an account is strategically placed on the site, while FAQs to answer a visitor’s queries are placed at the bottom.

External links have been removed, and there is nothing to distract users from their next action.

  1. H.BLOOM

Bloom combines a few important elements of an engaging landing page: beautiful and captivating images and a minimalist template. The white space on the page allows visitors to take in all the images and details, as too many fancy designs on the page can distract users from the main objective.

It has an above-the-fold form and a brief explanation of what happens when you fill it out. The “Submit” button is not to be missed because of its bright color.

  1. American Bullion

American Bullion’s catchy headline tells readers right off the bat what the page is all about. This saves them from having to browse the whole page.

The introductory paragraph gives just enough information to intrigue, but isn’t too long. The site has a simple call-to-action and brightly colored submit button. Testimonials and trust symbols round out the overall look and feel of the page and provide additional information about the company.

  1. HBO Max

HBO Max has the added benefit of selling a really cool service. They have their actual live titles circulating on the landing page, giving users visual aid to help sell the service to them.

This landing page is colorful, gets to the point, and clearly highlights the “sign up now” button for prospects.

  1. Neil Patel

Neil Patel’s official website is another great example of a distraction-free landing page, indicating to visitors that there is only one path for progression. It displays a compelling description of the offer in an aesthetically pleasing presentation.

His CTA copy within a huge orange button helps drive the point home to readers that this offer will teach them how to grow their business.

  1. Bills.com

The clean and refreshing feel of Bills.com is due to the crisp white and blue layout of the landing page. The minimalist feel of the large slider removes all unnecessary distractions from the page and gets straight to the point.

  1. Webprofits

Webprofits has a grainy black background, but the white text contrasts against it nicely. There is a prominent field form for the visitor’s website address and a bright pink CTA button that draws visitors toward their next course of action.

The page offers complete details about Webprofits and its services, plus multiple call-to-action buttons at the bottom of each page (“Talk to Webprofits”).

  1. Basecamp

Basecamp has an info-heavy design that directs reader’s eyes to the 30 day free trial and number of sign ups from the week prior. The highlight of this landing page is the quick information a prospect would want to know immediately.

Many users looking for extra storage space are likely doing research on the best rates for the most data. Presenting this information off the bat eliminates the annoying process of having to click on every single page to try and find that information.

  1. Netflix

Netflix’s landing page is a great example of lean content and a compelling call-to-action. After your visitors read your headlines, they need to know what to do next. In this case, a big red button that’s impossible to miss invites users to “Get Started”.

Netflix (and all streaming services nowadays) have a leg up on landing pages. They don’t have to have a lot of information because you already know what they’re providing.

Wrap Up

With an impressive landing page, you can improve your content marketing conversion rates and directly increase your actual sales. If you’ve already got great content and a compelling offer but aren’t seeing a lead volume that reflects their value, maybe it’s time to start looking at landing page design.

Putting together a high-converting landing page is no easy task. Minor changes in the copy, layout or design can mean the difference between form submissions and the dreaded high bounce rate.

Make sure that you’re A/B testing each aspect of your landing page to discover the combination that works best for your specific audience.

Happy testing!

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